~USS Buchanan (DDG-14) Association~

President - Mel Glidewell mglidewell@hot.rr.com 

Vice President - Claude (Stoy) Stoycich t18erpilot@aol.com 

Treasurer - Lou Proctor lbproc@isotechnetworks.net 

Secretary - Rob Browning stg1navy@earthlink.net   


Regular Membership in the USS Buchanan (DDG-14) Association is open to all who served in the United Stated Navy as part of the crew of USS Buchanan (DDG-14). Yearly dues are $14.00 per year, Lifetime Membership is available at $140 and are payable to the Association Treasurer at the time of application. 

The association also has an Associate Membership, which is open to all family members of those who served aboard USS Buchanan. Yearly dues for Associate Membership are $7.00 per year, and are also payable at the time of Application.

Those interested in joining the USS Buchanan (DDG-14) Association may fill out the Membership Application and send it to our Treasurer along with a check for your dues, made out to: Lou Proctor

By-laws of the USS Buchanan DDG14 Association. 


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