USS Buchanan 


DDG 14


Guided Missile Destroyer


Call Sign"Sharp Note"


International Call Sign "NUOU"



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Save the USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2) from destruction

The USS CHARLES F. ADAMS has been taken off donation hold by the Navy after over 12 years of dedicated efforts by ACVA and JHNSA to make the ship a ship museum in Jacksonville, In spite of many updated submissions to NAVSEA they did not approve the ship donation and it is going to be scrapped. The ACVA Board has voted to dissolve ACVA as a non-profit entity and apply our funds to create an Adams Class Ship Memorial that is being planned with JHNSA.


The USS Buchanan was named for Franklin Buchanan, a Captain in the United States Navy and an Admiral in the Confederate States Navy.

Buchanan is one of three Adams class DDG's commisioned during the centennial of the Civil War that were named after Confederate naval officers.

The USS Buchanan DDG 14 was the 13th ship in the Adams Class and the Third ship to bear the name sake. The first was DD 131 and the second DD 484

USS Buchanan at anchor in Seychelles in 1987

Photo By Tony Kitchen Lt.

BUCHANAN's keel was laid on 23 April 1959 at Todd Shipyard Corporation, Seattle Division at Seattle, Washington. She was launched on 11 May 1960 sponsored by Mrs. Charles Fisher, at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington. BUCHANAN was commissioned by the Commandant, THIRTEENTH Naval District, Rear Admiral George C. Towner. BUCHANAN carries ASROC and TARTAR Weapon Systems as well as a pair of 5"/54 caliber guns which provide her with defense against surface, sub-surface, and air attacks. Her modular Combat Information Center provides a rapid reaction time to these multiple threats. Her propulsion plant, with automatic combustion control, can drive the 437-foot long, 4,500-ton displacement destroyer at speeds in excess of thirty knots. BUCHANAN's allowance of 20 officers and 340 enlisted men eat and sleep in spaces that are all air conditioned. 

  • April 1962 – arrived in home port San Diego for first time
  • 1962 -Part shakedown training included taking part in USS Arizona Monument Dedication May 31, 1962
  • 1963 - Toured Australia May of 1963 stopping at several cities to have tours so the Australian people could see what the Guided Missile Destroyers looked like that they were purchasing from US.
  • 1963 June Credited for saving life of Chinese sailor (Yunglai Chu) aboard National Chinese Merchant Union Carrier. By provided needed medical attention
  • 1964 – Movie was made aboard BUCHANAN for Navy to show Destroyers effectiveness in the fleet " BUCHANAN WHO NEEDS YOU"
  • 1965 the BUCHANAN, with the other three destroyers in COMDESDIV 152 steamed north of the DMZ many times at night on re-con missions this was the first US Naval missions north of the DMZ since the MADDOX and TURNER JOY
  • 1965 - During second West Pac was awarded Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
  • 1966 July - BUCHANAN was Flagship for Commander, SEVENTH FLEET during his official visit to Bangkok, Thailand
  • 1968  - Took part in Sea Dragon and Naval Gunfire Support in Vietnam. Hit By North Vietnamese gunfire on May 29, 1968 when receiving heavy counter battery from CD Site S-246 in Vicinity of WF02553635 ( UTM) during operation Sea Dragon. Received damage to forward mast SPS -37 Antenna No Casualties. 
  • 1968 - She received call for fire from a Marine base North of Da Nang. Was credited with saving day with rapid and accurate Naval Gunfire Support
  • 1969 - With COMDESDIV 15 aboard. Took part in NAVEL  GUNFIRE SUPPORT South Vietnam. In April helped suppress the take over of a Marine Base in hills surrounding Da Nang.
  • 1972– Was on DMZ when Vietnam Easter Offensive started. Provided Naval Gunfire support for Major Ripley at Dong Ha Bridge, and downed pilots. Was credited with 5 tank kills. April 6 took the war North OPERATION FREEDOM TRAIN. On April 17, 1972 BUCHANAN was hit by North Vietnamese shore fire. Seaman Davis was KIA and seven wounded. BUCHANAN took part in operation Line Backer II taking part on strikes on Hiaphong Harbor clearing SAM sites so the harbor could be mined. Buchanan replaced barrels and repaired battle damage in Da Nang from USS Hector was First time in Vietnam war for US ship to be serviced in war zone.
  • 1972 – Buchanan became Mod Squad One of three destroyers in Pacific , six Navy wide to be made "Mod Squad". This was an Admiral Zummwald program to reward outstanding performing officers with commands of larger ships than their rank would normally receive Lt. Commander as skipper instead of Commander
  • 1973 October - Buchanan was on Picket duty on "Yankee Station " when force was ordered to abandon Yankee Station and proceed to Indian Ocean This was last force to Man "Yankee Station"
  • 1974 - Received Arleigh Burk award for most improved Destroyer Navy wide
  • 1978 (September?) - Port of call in Matzetlan, Mexico. During port visit, the ship’s pier which was crowded with cotton bales catches fire. Ship’s crew assists the poorly equipped local fire department and does the lion’s share of fighting the fire, using the ship’s fire fighting equipment. Receives a letter of gratitude from the city.
  • 1985 -  In early 1985, the Reagan administration selected the Buchanan, with its Nuclear Capable ASROC, to test the new Non-nuclear policies instituted by  New Zealand. Permission to enter was denied causing the US State Department to cut off all intelligence to the Kiwis and canceled all future military maneuvers. America also would no longer sit at the ANZUS table with Kiwi reps.
  • March 1985 – Buchanan was attacked while leaving Sidney Harbor by a Green peace activist with motorized hand glider and paint bombs.
  • 1987 - Deployed to North Arabian Sea Part of the Ranger Battle Group located just outside of the Persian Gulf during the Iran / Iraq war.
  • 1989??? Deployed WestPac/Indian Ocean. Participated in Operation EARNEST WILL by escorting reflagged Kuwati tankers through the Straits of Hormuz
  • Decommissioned Oct 1, 1991 At San Diego


Located at Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility Pearl Harbor, Waipahu, HI From 1991 to 2000
Unit Identification Code (UIC) 04680

Stricken to be disposed of by Navy Sale 11/20/92

Changed to sinkex June 1999 and used as target ship for RIMPAC 2000

At 21:26:30Z (11:26:30 AM HST) 14 June 2000 as a target for RIMPAC 2000 she was sunk. Her final resting place is 22:54.38N, 160:27.68W , 64 Nautical Miles from land in 2540 Fathoms of water.


We are presently trying to locate crew members who have an interest in joining the Buchanan Association to document and preserve Buchanan's and the Adams Class DDG's history. Any one interested in joining and/or helping please email Dean (Dino) Myers . The more people we get involved the less time and work will be required of each person. To join the Buchanan Association click here.  Membership Information

Would like to hear from any crewmen, relatives or anyone connected
with the USS Buchanan over the years

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We solicit any materials you may wish to loan for use at this site. All materials will be copied and returned to the owner. We also appreciate any information about the ship or the ship's company you are willing to share especially the whereabouts of those who have served aboard the Buchanan. Please click here to email the USS Buchanan Webmaster.


USS Buchanan Specifications

Displacement 4,500 tons (full load)
Length 437 feet
Beam 47 feet
Max Speed 30 knots
Power Plant 4 - 1200 psi boilers; 2 geared turbines
2 shafts; 70,000 shaft horsepower
Aircraft None - VERTREP capable only
Armament Standard Missiles (MR)
Harpoon (from Standard launcher)
ASROC (from MK 16 launcher)
6 - MK 46 torpedoes (from 2 triple tube mounts)
2 - 5-inch / 54 caliber MK 42 gun
Complement 383 (20 officers, 363 enlisted)