The Coat of Arms was used for all official documents and books. We had it on the quarter deck on the 03 level (Port and Starboard) plus wore it on our uniforms. There were at least four versions used over the years The first crest appears to have been used from commissioning to about 1973 at which time several versions of the Buchanan Family crest appears to have been used. Please contact us if you have any information/history 

#1Original Ships Patch/Crest

#2Buchanan Family Crest used Mid 1970ís

#3Buchanan Family Crest used Late 70"s Early 80ís

#4Buchanan Family Crest used Mid 80ís to Decommissioning

Description of Buchanan Family Coat of Arms

Com Des Div 12 SEA DRAGON 1968 PATCH


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