Commissioned 20 January 1919, USS BUCHANAN (DD-131) the first ship named in Honor of Franklin Buchanan, a Captain in the United States Navy and an Admiral in the Confederate States Navy. BUCHANAN served the Atlantic Fleet until September 1940 when she was decommissioned and transferred as one of fifty destroyers exchanged for bases to the British Government. BUCHANAN was commissioned HMS CAMPBELTOWN (I-42) on Sept 9, 1940. Her end came as a fitting conclusion to her fine career, for she acted as a block ship she rammed the Normandie Lock entrance at St.-Nazaire, France, during the raid of 28 March 1942. Early that morning, under heavy enemy fire, she was driven straight at her objective. Her small group of commando troops dashed ashore and commenced work. Eleven hours later, her five tons of delayed action high explosives blew up, destroying an essential submarine dry dock and only drydock on the Atlantic coast capable of accepting the German battleship TIRPITZ plus inflicting heavy personnel casualties.


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