Sea Stories 

Sea Stories have always been told by those who served aboard ships to pass the time, as entertainment, to impress other sailors and to just share an experience. I was once told that old salts are not at sea but one becomes a salt by the stories he can tell after leaving the ship.

As with all good sea stories it is up to the reader to determine truth from fiction. In many cases the names have been omitted to protect the guilty .

If you have a story to share please email to Dean Myers

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Moderator Dick Zimmerman Chief Engineer 70-71

War Stories

A Bad Day Topside and Below by Howard Lightwine BTC 70-73

Sea Dragon by Michael Heffernan67-69

Drawing Enemy Fire by Mike Fox 67-68

I Remember Sea Dragon Patrols by Edward Shaw 68

 Sea Stories 

Page one

What If a Fire Breaks Out on Thearle's First Day as CO? by Dick Zimmerman 70-71

Towing "E" by Dave Malone 77-80

Whiskey On Board by Sam Camp 71 75

Page Two

Fog Watch by Eric Sample 67-68

Radio Free Sonar by Dave Malone 77-80

Quick Thinking Under Pressure by Al Ursich, 1987-Decom

Page Three

Thanksgiving by Dean Myers 71-75

Swinging Wake up by Mark Falade 76-80

Missile Test Firing by Dave Bergum 61-64

Page Four

Nurse of the Year by Robert Bussey 73-75

Working Party: E-6 and Below by Dean Myers 71-75

Surprised on the Bridge by Jim Darrough 76-78

Quarters for Officers   anonymous

Page Five

Player Piano in the Wardroom by John "Jake" Jacobsen 71-72

Dropped Bullet by  Mark Pfeifer 77-80

Re-Arming gone Awry by Anthony S. Leanza 69 - 71

The Zone Inspection by  Mark Pfeifer 77-80

Page Six

The Technician and the Can of Paint by Jerry Larson 62-64

BUCHANAN's Early Years by Ed Bosley 61-64  

TARTAR Missile Shot by Larry Webster son of Buchanan's first CO

The Bar Glasses by Dean Myers 71-75

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