This is listing of newspaper, magazine, book and movie footage that has reference to the USS Buchanan. Newspaper and magazine articles have been retyped and available with links provided. If pictures used in articles could be scanned they are shown with article.

If anyone has information or articles not shown please contact Dean (Dino) Myers.


Hawaii Newspaper Dated May31-April 1, 1962 - "Attendants At Arizona Rites Hear Of U.S. Might" by Charles Turner No direct reference to Buchanan however photo with article of marine honor guard has Buchanan in background.

"THE AGE" Melbourne, Australia May 1, 1963 - Deadly Destroyer on visit from U.S. Short article front page on Buchanan's visit for coral sea celebration.

San Diego Union ??? June 1963 - "Buchanan Saves Chinese Sailor" Clip on Buchanan providing medical assistance to National Chinese Merchantman Ship.

TIME LIFE dated April 17, 1972 - By Stanley Cloud He was onboard prior to start of Easter Offensive. Article describes more the calm before that the actual action being seen for two and half weeks before articles publication.

U.S. News & World Report, March 4, 1985 - Article on Buchanan being refused entry to New Zealand Causing the US to drop from the ANZUS Treaty ( a 33 year old defense pact Australian, New Zealand, United States) 

Australian Newspaper articles dated March 8, 1985 - Collection of articles about Buchanan being attacked by Green Peace activist in Ultra light aircraft with paint bombs while departing Sydney Harbor.

Pacific Stars and Stripes - June 19, 2000 - Article on RIMPAC 2000 picked up by Stars and Stripes from RIMPAC 2000 web site

Unusal Unreps by Scot MacDonald and LCDR Chistopher Galyean  - dated March/April 1984 About providing fuel to Army craft from Buchanan 

POUNDING  the Do Son Peninsula by Commander John G. Robinson U.S. Navy (Retired) - Article in the U.S. Naval Institute Naval History Magazine August 2007 About  the first mining of Haiphong Harbor May 9-10, 1972. The planner of the attacks and mining was his father Rear-Admiral R.C. Robinson who died May 8, 1972 in an Helicopter  accident  attempting to land on the USS Providence. He was the only Flag level officer to die in the Vietnam War 


"The Bridge at Dong Ha" by John Grider Miller - First hand account of John W. Ripley's actions to destroy the bridge at Dong Ha on Easter Sunday 1972. No direct reference is made to Buchanan but any crew member aboard at that time will find it interesting because of our close involvement in action.
Written in 1989 has been on the Commandant of Marine Corp's Reading List since 1990
John Miller received 1989 Gen. Wallace M. Greene Jr. Book of the year from the Marine Corps Historical Foundation, and was named the Navel Institute's Book Author of the Year in 1990.

"The Easter Offensive" by Gerald H. Turley - The Last American Advisors VIETNAM, 1972 - Documented account by Lt. Colonel Turley acting chief advisor to 3rd ARVIN Division during the early days of the 1972 Easter Offensive. This is considered the last major involvement by the U.S. forces in Vietnam. Has many references to USS Buchanan and Commanding Officer W. James Thearle's involvement in battle. Is part of the Commandant's Professional Reading List is required reading for Marine officers and staff NCO's.

"Confederate Admiral: The Life and Wars of Franklin Buchanan" by Craig L. Symonds (Library of Naval Biography) Released 9/99


" Flight of the Intruder" - USS Buchanan appears in back ground in several scenes and a shot of super structure from fantail.

"WHO NEEDS YOU, BUCHANAN?" - Training film Created By Navy  on Usefulness of Destroyers operating with the Fleet. Copies available from Ships store.

(1964) Color, 28 Minutes (NR)Produced by John J. Hennessy, Directed by Ronald S. Sexton. An F.K. Rockett Company Production. Story and Screenplay by Joseph I. Breen, Jr. Music Composed And Conducted by Nelson Riddle. Technical Advisor CDR. R.G. Rogerson, USN Project Supervisor Lt. W.J. North, USN. Cast: Norwood Smith, Mike Road, Joey Tata, Clark Howat, Alicia Li.

Opening Pearl Harbor, the Arizona Memorial, brow of USS Bon Homme Richard CVA 31, USS Goldsborough DDG 20, Naval Station Pearl Harbor, warships underway, USS Gunason DE 795, USS Buchanan DDG 14, USS Trathen DD 530, USS Cowell DD 547, USS Saint Paul CA 73. Flight Operations USS Bon Homme Richard CVA 31 A4 Skyhawks. 

Onboard Buchanan The bridge, CIC, signal bridge, sick bay, underway replenishment activity, asroc deck, fire room, Sonar control and underwater battery plot. Weapons firing of a Tartar and Asroc missiles.

Closing of helo detail on the fantail.



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